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Most Title Matches

71[ G.o.W ]Grapes of Wrath
42Be Blue !Blue Brigade
28+]3D[+ OMG3rd Division OMG
21~)DiGA(~Dreaded Imperial Guardians of the Americas
21[Paradigma]Paradigma Clan
16-=ICE=-The Incorruptable Camaraderie of Equals
14GoDGamers of Death
14[Co2]Colonial Offensive of the 2nd Amendment
13G.R.I.German Revolutionary Infantry
12NWONew World Order
10[GsT]Grove Street
9nPNo Problem
9[13th]The [13th] Hussars
8Co2 * eoL.Co2 eoLithic
8*TEHO*Teho EnergyDrink
8+]3D[+3rd Division
8[SFB]Super Fun Bunnies
7||GnD||Girls Next Door
6[Co2] ^AfricaContinous Oppression of Africa's Second Largest City
6<R@>The Royal Americans
5rG^Rare Glitch
5//GaR//Gamers Armed Regiment
5dv8^Team Deviate
5+]3D[+ WTF3rd Division WTF
4DPW-|-Drunken Periwig Wearers
3WNxWarrior Nation
3{4th}The 4th Connecticut Regiment and Militia
3|SoD|Soldiers of Destruction
3[Hammers]Westham United
3=(P^R)=Popular Revolt
3{BotH}Band of the Hawk
2#O`wbOwnage weiß-blau
2K18Clan K18
2La.Familia 'La.Familia
2NP^Neon Pandas
2So][Soldiers of Independence
2[LuF]Los Ultimos de Florida
2=KnX=Killers in Exile
1-cav-The Cavalry
1[KRR-E]King's Royal Rifles, English Battalion
1{NS}Nordic Syndicate
1|sC|Savage Crew
1^FM^|The Frontiersmen
1LowGamers |The LowGamers
1PirateButt Pirates
1|GFF|Gimme French Fry
1[GsT] [D]Grove Street [Duders Division]
1|2ndNJ|2nd New Jersey Regiment
1dv8^ :)Team Deviate Happy Squad
1-[TRR]-The Royal Recruits
1]:RR:[ [K]Roger's Rangers King's Company
1{T.G}Tactical Grace
1[FUC]Friendly Uncle's Club
1-D$L-Die Schwendt Leibgarde
1[S.S.]S.S. Sesame Street
1~)DiGA(~ -2nd-Dreaded Imperial Guardians of the Americas, Second Division
1.sB.Sharpened Bayonets

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